About our School


In 1925 a merchant laborers union in Karaikudi, founded by C. Murugappan started a merchant laborers Tamil educational association. On behalf of this association and based on the principles of this association several individuals across Chettinad started schools. One such school "Gurukulam" was started in Sravayal. Around 1930 the founder & administrator of this Sravayal school could no longer run it. A member of the merchant laborers union, S.S.Subramanian Chettiar of Karaikudi came forward and took over the administration and responsibility of the Gurukulam school. He also provided Rs. 1 lakh funding and continued running the school based on Gandhi's principles. At this time there were several philanthropist who provided financial donations to government run educational institutions across Chettinad. But S.S.Subramanian chettiar was the first & only person who came forward to provide funding to a school that was run based on a national concept of "Gurukulam."

In 1931 S.S.Subramanian started to run the "Gurukulam" in Muthupatnam, Karaikudi. In 1936 he bought 58 cents of land for Gurukulam in Amravathipudur. He handed over the responsibility of constructing a building to his friend and relative RM.VR. Ramaswamy Chettiar also an educational philanthropist and left for Singapore on business. Sadly, he died there and never saw his Gurukulam in its new location. RM.VR. Ramaswamy took over the responsibility of administration of the Gurukulam. In the 80 year history of Gurukulam, the school is indebted to RM.VR.Ramaswamy and his family for taking responsibility and running the day to day activities of the Gurukulam for almost 60 years . In his final years, he handed over the responsibility back to S.S.Subramanian's family.

S.S.Subramanian Chettiar's son S.Murugappan who is now 92 years old is currently the school's correspondent. Even at this age, you can see him in the school grounds taking an active part in the administration of the school. S.S. Subramanian Chettiar's grandson MR.Ganesan is currently the school secretary. He is very dedicated to religious endeavors. After he came on board, he built a temple for the Pillayar that has long been in the school grounds under the Banyan tree. In 1997, a statue of the founder S.S.Subramanian was also unveiled. An overhead water tank was also constructed to improve drinking/ running water facilities. New classrooms were also added. The kitchen in the hostel was also modernized with time & energy saving appliances.

Originally, Gurukulamhoused students up-to 5th grade. In 1936, the Gurukulamgrew and housed students up-to 8th grade. By 1959-60 Gurukulambecame a high school and was called S.C.G.H.S. The school's hostel/ dorm continues to run today under the name of "Gurukulam."

The staff and administration work hard cooperatively in unison and don't let the suburban/ village location of the school deter them from setting up high standards for the students. It shows in the high percentage of students who pass the S.S.L.C every year with high GPA. Gurukulamis well known and highly respected in Sivaganga district.


The staff & students of Gurukulam, Sravayal took part in the boycott of foreign goods. Later, this movement was moved to Karaikudi so it could pick up more steam/ heat. The boycott would run from morning to afternoon. Classes for students were held in the evening. Students were not only educated at Gurukulam but were also required to serve the nation. Gurukulam's mission statement included not only educating young minds but, also to instill national pride in the hearts and souls of the youngsters. Since the days of independence movement to this day, the school day ends with "Vande mataram" and "Victory to Mahatama" and "Long live Gurukulam."

Gurukulamis proud that "Kaviarasu Kannadasan" alias Muthiah, a great Tamil poet and lyricist, was a student and resident of Gurukulam till 8th std. In his book/ memoir's "Arthamulla Indu Matham" (Meaningful Hinduism) - part 9 "Gnanathai Thedi" (In Search of Knowledge) he writes his fond memories of residing in the Gurukulam. He also shares with readers the values that were imparted to him at Gurukulam.


  • Renowned Literary author P. Jeevanandam, was Headmaster of the Gurukulam at Sravayal.
  • "Multilingual poet" K. Appadurai was one of the headmasters of the school.
  • Ex-law minister S. Madhavan and Ex-MLA Arunagiri of Tirupathur were also students of Gurukulam.
  • N. Vikram was the headmaster for over 20 years.